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Tiger Branch
Job Title:
Chief executive officer & senior writer
4137 SW 6th Ave. Dr. Portland Oregon United States 97239
503 224 1711
Company information
Location: 4137 SW 6th Ave. Dr. 343 97239
Tel: 503 224 1711

About Company

While Hallock & Branch Creative Services is a young business, the two principals’ careers have been intertwined for many years.

When his former agency was the hottest in town, Tiger gave Jackie her first job in advertising, and she went on to a power-house career as creative director for the Hallock Agency. Her awards would fill this room (or whatever room you are in.)

Later, Jackie brought Tiger on board as CEO of her highly successful full-service agency. But since neither could agree on who truly was the capo de capo, they created a new entity, Hallock & Branch Creative Services – and everyone lived happily ever after.


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