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Ms. Sue Lee
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505 Seaport Court Suite 103 Redwood City California United States 94063
650 363 0142
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Location: 505 Seaport Court Suite 103 1056 94063
Tel: 650 363 0142

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That’s how all STORIES should start.

We’re Lee PR and we’ve been creating stories for clients in the EDA, semiconductor IP and semiconductor industries since 1991.

Whether you’re a startup looking to make a difference in the niche you’re breaking into or an established company looking to get to that next level, we’re here to help create and tell the story that’ll get you to your goal – that will resonate with your customers.

So why should you care about your story? Because it tells your customers, partners, reporters, bloggers and analysts what you care about, how you care about your customers and what spurred you to develop your breakthrough technology to help them solve their problems.

Your story is what makes you different, memorable, a vendor to be considered seriously. Your story gives you a narrative, a human face. Otherwise, you’re just a merchandiser with a data sheet.

In other words, out of the morass of information floating around out there about you, a story shapes your essence, your mission, your reason for being. YOUR STORY turns your company into a viable, identifiable, compelling entity worthy of serious consideration by your customers…


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