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For over forty years Speakeasy has provided personal growth, communication development and communication consulting services to some of the most influential business leaders in the world.

There is a unifying philosophy that underpins everything the company does.  It’s a belief that our focus must always remain on the individual–that everything that individual needs to be a great communicator already exists within them.  Our work is drawing out the best of who that person is.

The type of change we are working for includes, but goes far beyond, intellectual understanding to encompass real, behavioral change–enabling people to continually build strong relationships through their communication.

We believe that we have done our most important work when we have empowered people to self-coach by connecting them with the purpose of each exercise we deliver and by opening their eyes to their own possibilities.  People may garner a moment’s applause, through a “tips and tricks” approach to training, but have no idea afterwards what happened or how to continue achieving their best results.  When people make progress through greater self-awareness, greater awareness of others, and a greater awareness of the dynamics of communication, they step into a universe of greatly expanded possibility.

From its three offices in Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco, Speakeasy works each year with some 4,500 executives and 350 client companies across five continents.  We consistently have the privilege of developing an extraordinarily wide range of professionals–from young high-potential executives to some of the most recognized names in business today.


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