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Location: PO Box 27227 914 66225
Tel: 913 649 8885

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Whether your business is unlocking the secrets of life in DNA, fueling the economy with new sources of energy, or connecting financial resources with opportunities, you need to communicate your value in the marketplace.

Telling your story, in fact, is part of how you create value in the world. Johnson Strategic's experienced team helps you communicate clearly and strategically.

Who benefits from working with Johnson Strategic?

  • A CEO or CFO needing seasoned, trustworthy communications counsel
  • A communications or IR officer striving to create the very best content -
    in a news release, website, article, speech, annual report or brochure
  • A firm pursuing capital market relationships or M&A transactions
  • An executive seeking to make technical data persuasive for real people
  • A company engaging the world of interactive media and web audiences


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