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Ms. Nancy Finigan
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1 East Wacker Drive, Suite 3200 Chicago Illinois United States 60601
312 803 1900
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Name: Sandbox
Location: 1 East Wacker Drive, Suite 3200 1095 60601
Tel: 312 803 1900

About Company

We are agency owners, partners, and leaders who love the agency business.

We are agency owners, partners 

We have each built and led successful agencies for years. And now that we’re together as Sandbox, we have so much more to offer.

Make no mistake, Sandbox is an agency. Not a club or a holding company of individual operating units.

We are now one unified, independent, single agency squarely focused on what is most important and most needed in today’s world—the thinking and work we deliver for our clients and the talented people who make it happen.

We want to create something special.

We want to do something we feel reflects our beliefs.

Interestingly, we have always talked about the type of people we wanted to work with, the type of work we would like to create, the clients we love working with and how this agency would be a panacea for our industry colleagues longing for something that seemed to be a true rarity.

We call this agency Sandbox.

The metaphor epitomizes everything we aspire to build.

That dream has started to take shape. Our experience has shown us that the single biggest hurdle to a great client experience is a lack of collaboration, or as we like to say "playing well in the Sandbox."

This is our beacon.

To stay true we ask ourselves repeatedly to ensure we stay true to our dream.

To stay true to the beacon of collaboration, we have brought together agencies that share our values and believe in our vision. We are doing things differently:

  1. We are building a single brand agency, not a holding company
  2. Agency principals all have an ownership stake in Sandbox. We want every owner aligned in supporting one another and focused on creating great work for every client
  3. We will be 100% owned and run by agency people. This is important to us. We can make the decisions that are right for our clients and our business. We truly believe that if we are passionate about great business building work and take care of our clients, the rest will take care of itself

Our new agency is home to over 330 peers.

Our primary offices are located in Chicago, Toronto, New York, Kansas City, Des Moines, Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

Our mission is to bring the full power of those resources to all of our clients and to create wonderful new opportunities for our people.



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