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Location: 217 N Main St., Suite 200 593 92701
Tel: 714 881 2300

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Amusement Park is the manifestation of the coming together of Amusement Park Entertainment in Los Angeles and DGWB Advertising in Santa Ana. We create the kind of advertising people want to experience, witness, hear, feel, promote, and even pay for.

At Amusement Park, we don’t think people should be forced to deal with advertising against their will.

This should be pretty common sense, but not many marketing companies really practice it. Whereas we do, 24/7/365.

We’ve found that people pay a lot more attention to brands, and even better, actually LIKE brands that offer something that makes people’s lives better. Entertainment, music, a sporting event, a movement, something uplifting, something inspiring, something useful, something FUN.

Sure, we can make you a :30 spot, and we’ve made a lot of damn good ones. But that’s like going to an amusement park and only riding the Ferris wheel.


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