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Mr. Michelle McCue
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1616 Burbank Blvd. Suite C Burbank California United States 91506
213 985 1011
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Location: 1616 Burbank Blvd. Suite C 1075 91506
Tel: 213 985 1011

About Company

McCue Communications is a team of dedicated and energetic brand champions who think the world is best experienced with a fork in one hand and a passport in the other. We believe in sticking with our passions, which is why we specialize in the 3Ps—People, Places + Palate.

Two components are at the core of everything we put our name on—Strategy + Story. One without the other is like eating with one chopstick. You waste a lot of effort stabbing at what you want and, in the end, someone else eats your lunch.

We’ve helped tell brand stories from Argentina to Austria, San Diego to Salem, and many spots in between. Local or global, our approach starts with the same two questions: Where are we going? How will we know when we’ve arrived?

How we tell stories depends on who we’re talking to and how big a megaphone we’ve got. We use a combination of tools to reach people where they surf, skim and study. We’re media mavens with a digital toolkit. We know how to throw a party, online or off. We get ‘em writing, talking, blogging and tweeting about you because, at the end of the day, we know that what they say about you is what moves your business.



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