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The Qorvis/MSLGROUP brings skilled, experienced professionals together, creating unique teams tailored to the needs of each client. Qorvis Communications began as a Washington firm that developed and executed intelligent solutions for clients with complex problems. It quickly applied its talents overseas and across the country, gaining a well-deserved reputation for thoughtful and impactful advocacy. Now the Qorvis/MSLGROUP combines the deep experience of Qorvis with the MSLGROUP’s unparalleled breadth and depth around the world.

Qorvis/MSLGROUP crafts stories that need to be heard, champions issues that need to be debated, and manages reputations for corporations, governments and individuals. Effective communications begin with a broad understanding of the world and the forces that shape it and an insightful understanding of what it takes to spur audiences to act. Success is achieves by mastery of subject matter and the means of communication old and new. That’s what Qorvis/MSLGROUP does, anywhere in the world.

Qorvis/MSLGROUP is driven by results. We have the reach and resources of a large agency and the winning record of a campaign-driven operation. Our fully-integrated approach seamlessly blends public relationspublic affairsadvertisingdigitalresearch and more to build efficient, effective strategies.



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