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Kris Sharbaugh
Job Title:
Senior Vice President
171 2nd Street Floor 5 San Francisco California United States 94105
415 618 8800
Company information
Location: 171 2nd Street Floor 5 361 94105
Tel: 415 618 8800

About Company

H3O is a San Francisco based PR/digital/social media agency from the founders of Atomic PR and senior executives of other top firms, with award-winning experience stretching from interesting start ups to well established global brands.

Our point of view is simple. First, print and broadcast media, digital and social media, video, mobile and search don’t exist alongside each other as parallel communications channels in the way they’re often talked about. They’re fluid, they encircle us, they overlap, and they affect each other. And anyone can easily publish content and opinion here, that generates impact there. Everything is media. And most people do business, conduct their lives, find information, communicate, share and entertain themselves with all of it. Every day. In real time, and in “search time.”

Secondly, as much as we value experience and professional opinion, sophisticated analytics are critical to gain the kind of insight necessary to create truly powerful communications strategy and to provide the detailed visibility needed to accurately assess program performance and make better decisions.

H3O is good at creating analytics-enhanced, full-surround communications programs in tune with the way communications work today, and which outperform more traditional programs by an order of magnitude. While costing no more, and often less.


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