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Kevin Kosh
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71 Summer St. Penthouse Boston Massachusetts United States 02110
781 466 8282
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Name: Chen PR
Location: 71 Summer St. Penthouse 345 02110
Tel: 781 466 8282

About Company

Our whole reason for being is to make other companies shine. To get them the visibility and brand recognition they need to compete in today’s global economy—and, in many cases, to make the world a better, safer, more interconnected place. Nothing makes us happier than making a name for someone else.

What do we do? All the things you’d expect from a full-service PR and communications firm: media and analyst relations, message development, positioning, influencing, content writing, program management, fully executed multi-faceted campaigns. But at CHEN we go much deeper. As strategic counselors, we work to establish and ignite the kind of thought leadership that helps tech companies increase sales, expand channels, raise valuations and sustain success.

What are we good at? Building relationships. Driving brand awareness. Collaborating with key influencers. Getting coverage. Raising visibility. Communicating complex topics. Adapting the message to the medium. Defining new markets to make way for a new product, a new solution, a new company, a new approach. Then helping them stand out from the pack.

What makes us tick? We’re passionate about technology and innovation. Security, cloud computing, networking, clean-tech and software are our specialties. We communicate complex topics that need to be explained clearly – and not by engineers. As external consultants, we force you to take off the blinders and look at the big picture.

Who are we? We’re storytellers. Relationship brokers. Brand ambassadors. Confidants. We’re decent, hard-working people who like our jobs, like giving back, and like to keep things in perspective. We’re also media junkies and love to exchange ideas.

What you see is what you get. Our senior partners are in the loop—on every single account. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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