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Jonathan Holt
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P.O. Box 363 Oldwick New Jersey United States 08858
908 832 0557
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Location: P.O. Box 363 596 08858
Tel: 908 832 0557

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Holt Public Affairs LLC specializes in reputation management, public acceptance of controversial facilities, relationship building, crisis communications and conflict management. 

We work with a wide range of clients in business, industry and government to help them achieve their goals by means of strategic public affairs and communications campaigns...campaigns that deliver their messages persuasively, effectively and with high impact. These campaigns build alliances with key stakeholders who can be motivated to actively support and advocate our campaign goals and objectives. 

Building alliances, creating connections, activating third-party advocates and informing and motivating stakeholders...these are the hallmarks of a Holt Public Affairs communications campaign. 

Our action-oriented approach has a track record of success spanning over two decades. We are specialists in motivating, persuading and influencing elected officials, regulators, community groups, voters, consumers, neighbors, customers and countless other decision-makers and stakeholders. 

Whether the challenge is national, regional or local in scope, we approach issues like we would a political campaign. We use tools such as market research, stakeholder targeting, grassroots lobbying, information technology and innovative media to develop campaigns designed to create action…action that benefits our clients.


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