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Location: 2300 Chestnut Street, Suite 420 433 19103
Tel: 215 568 2525

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We are Devine + Partners, communications and content experts who specialize in public relations, issues management and digital communications.

What do they really think of me? It’s the question that keeps people up at night. For businesses and institutions, that question is just as fundamental. At Devine + Partners, we help organizations quantify and shape, launch or adjust their brands. It’s about answering the question of what people think — definitively, affirmatively and once and for all. And, ultimately, it’s about sleeping better at night.

D+P approaches every engagement by developing and delivering clear messaging, solid strategy and flawless execution that leads to out-of-the-park results. But, that’s just the mechanics. To us, public relations, issues management and digital communications mean getting out in front of perceptions in order to have a role in shaping them. Companies and institutions want to know that their brand is being carefully, creatively and thoughtfully handled and that smart and experienced people are taking charge. We call it being able to Rest Easy.


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