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Location: 39201 Schoolcraft, Suite B-15 925 48150

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We’re a little unusual but success speaks for itself… A big point of differentiation is that we’re more experienced than competitors or the norm… P2R has more senior than junior people, and P2R leadership has held executive-level corporate and agency positions. We’ve been in both worlds. We understand client perspective – P&L, ROI, managing divergent points of view. We understand corporate sensitivities and decision-drivers; we’ve developed and managed corporate budgets and managed the turf wars. At the same time, we know the value an agency can deliver and how to tailor it to for maximum success.  

We call it the P2R difference.  

That experience translates into a more intuitive and experienced-based outlook -- and is a major reason we consistently produce results that exceed expectations. 

Whether we’re working in a traditional agency role, or on-site as direct team members – we’re a variable-cost solution to your marketing communications and staffing challenges.


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