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George Becker
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23802 Duffield Road Cleveland Ohio United States 44122
216 921 6454
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Location: 23802 Duffield Road 339 44122
Tel: 216 921 6454

About Company

Located in America’s Midwest, George A. Becker & Co. is known for conveying credible, easy-to-understand information about its clients’ varied products and services to news media around the world. The impact of this timely publicity is both immediate and long-lasting: reporters and editors learn about a client’s team of executives, range of services and product lines; distributors and sales teams gain insight into the benefits of carrying a client’s brand; and customers buy what a client makes or does because of what they’ve read, seen or heard.

Often, companies find they lack the time or writing skills to handle this key marketing component; or the dynamics of working directly with news media make them uncomfortable; or they hesitate to hire someone fulltime to be responsible for publicity. This is when they realize the value of George A. Becker & Co.


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