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Location: Eugen-Langen-Strasse 25 1169 50968
Tel: +49 221 3099-0

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For us, communication means communicating the products and processes of enterprises or institutions, marketing them and conveying them to the media by means of arguments.

Our communication starts with strategic consulting. We analyse where the customer stands in the market and where he wants to go. We expose the core of the brand and use it to create the image that is supposed to reflect it in the public eye.

Media are the mediators of this image. Jeschenko is a media agency. We turn our customers’ message into a story for everyone who addresses a broad or specific public.

There’s nothing better than being able to surprise yourself time after time in the process. From a press clipping to an exhibition event, from maintaining contact with journalists to image positioning in the print media, on the Internet, radio and television, we put a lot of creativity and imagination into realising every concept that comes from us.


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