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Walker & Associates, Inc.
5100 Poplar Ave., #2812 Memphis Tennessee United States 38137
(952) 935-5650
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We are committed to representing sustainable brands and products which serve the needs of our community. As a committed partner of The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis since its inception 24 years ago, we have donated & raised colossal funds which aid the children and families battling the toughest fight of their lives. We have worked tirelessly to support further cancer research and find ways to support these families through difficult times and will continue to do so in the years to come. Sustaining our community is incredibly important to us as is representing brands which sustain our consumers. At W&A, we are proud to represent initiatives, organizations and brands which focus on the education, health, enrichment and longevity of consumers. We have partnered with various eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable organizations committed to improving the lives of consumers and conserving natural resources.



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