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If you’re thinking about appointing us to represent your brand, it’s only natural you’d want to know more about what we stand for, so let’s get to know each other a little better shall we?


Our London based PR and marketing agency was founded in 2002 by Chartered Marketer and seasoned PR Sharleen Hunter, to help exciting beauty companies like yours unleash their full brand potential.


Fancy boosting consumer awareness and sales? No problem. As well as having great relationships with top-level media including consumer, trade and regional press, online media, TV and radio, we’re also skilled at securing influential endorsements. From celebs and make-up artists to session stylists, our database reads like an awards ceremony guest list.


Or how about seeing stars such as Kelly Rowland tweeting about your products? Our clients did and we made it happen.


With a team boasting 50 year’s combined experience, we understand that what counts are results. So whether you’d like us to help you increase sales, or boost your market position, rest assured we will deliver.




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