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Herbert Haft has enjoyed a career of more than 35 years as a leading specialist in investor and public relations. He has represented a wide variety of private and publicly-traded companies, acting, for the most part, as his clients’ investor relations and press relations’ consultant. In addition, he frequently assists in his clients’ financing as well as other aspects of business development.

As founder and president of The Haft Group, Mr. Haft has represented a roster of both United States and Canadian public companies in industries ranging from natural resources, biotechnology-pharmaceutical, banking, real estate, to health care services and product introductions.

Previously, he was a partner and principal of two NYSE member firms, which have since merged with other entities. His business career also includes serving as senior vice president corporate public relations for the then Warner Communications, and earlier, director of public relations for Esquire and GQMagazines and executive vice president of Artists Entertainment Complex (OTC). He was also a spokesman/interviewer for a TV public affairs show.


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