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Strategic Communications, LLC
3532 James St. Syracuse New York United States 13206-2488
Crystal DeStefano (President)
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It all begins with a strategic insight – understanding your organization’s business case and staying focused on the right the path  to achieve organizational goals. Next, the integrity of your leadership team is critical. Your code of ethics sets the tone for the organization and creates trust. Last, but not least, good communication is needed to implement your strategy and demonstrate your integrity. From the CEO on down the line, your workforce’s ability to communicate with all audiences is the final key to your organization’s success.

Business is moving faster every day, partly due to the impact of digital media. And we’ve all seen a dramatically increased volume of media activity. Company leaders don’t have the time they once had to review and consider the news that impacts them, which creates difficulties in focusing on long-term strategies while managing short term imperatives.

By having Strategic Communications provide media monitoring services, proactive media strategy and outreach, and analysis of media activity for them, these leaders are able to focus on how their long-term strategies tie into their day-to-day activities – and they are able to react to communication needs (such as the news media) more quickly and effectively.


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