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Rendon Group, The
1875 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 716 Washington District of Columbia United States 20009
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With The Rendon Group, our clients benefit from the sophistication of our relationships, products, and trusted expertise from 30 years of experience working on complex global communications challenges in over 98 countries.

TRG clients depend on our cultural acumen and geopolitical savvy in a wide array of cultural and political environments from the austere to the modern. We work end-to-end campaigns for our customers and are equipped to achieve every strategic effect possible. We have planned and executed complex, global, multi-channel campaigns for dozens of clients.

Our body of experiential knowledge is based on three decades of executing communications programs, informed by research into new innovations at the edge of the influence spectrum.

Our strategies are game-changing. We have influenced outcomes in our clients’ most critical operations and helped fulfill their vision and capacity with regard to strategic communications.

Our strategists maintain vigilance on behalf of our customers, offering an unparalleled level of situational awareness and insight. We deliver real-time information, the most up-to-date analysis, and targeted strategies for executing high-impact campaigns.




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