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305 Madison Avenue #1850 New York New York United States 10017
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PRIME Research provides international research-based communications consulting services from our locations in the USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, Switzerland, India and China.  The firm combines technology with talent to monitor, integrate and anlayze media trends across social and traditional channels wherever and whenever our clients do business.


PRIME delivers real-time traditional and social media monitoring, analytics and do-it-yourself reporting through our Media Insights Suite.  In addition, PRIME's formal reporting and consultation provide interpretive analysis, actionable insights and strategic guidance. 

Points of Positive Differentiation:

  • PRIME augments the speed and consistency of our award-winning technology with the content relavency, data accuracy and insights afforded only through human expertise
  • PRIME's international footprint ensures regional presence with local cultural sensitivity which comes from our native language coders and analysts
  • Every PRIME engagement is customized to fit each client's scope, budget and timeline requirements
  • PRIME centralizes all content streams for fully integrated and normalized data for more intelligent planning and evaluation
  • PRIME was established in 1987.  The company is growing and profitable with a stable global leadership team

Core Competencies

  • Media monitoring across all media channels (social, digital, print and broadcast)
  • Content analysis based on human coding, analysis and reporting
  • Real-time content streams and analytics using PRIME's Media Insights Suite
  • Research-based reporting and consultation


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