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5576 South 4 Apache Rd., Suite 100 Las Vegas Nevada United States 89148
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In the more than 22 years PR Plus has been based in Las Vegas, the company has been known for successful public relations campaigns, some of the most creative ideas in public relations and marketing, and really making the most of the “plus” in PR Plus! From traditional PR methods to bottle feeding a client’s baby leopard, the accomplished PR Plus team always puts its clients first by ensuring that the goals are met with personal attention.

PR Plus came to life in 1991 when publicist Laura Herlovich opened the first public relations firm in Las Vegas without an advertising base. PR Plus recently celebrated more than two decades of success and the team is thankful to make such an impact locally, regionally and nationally for their clients while remaining true to being a boutique agency.

In 2006, former employee Alissa Kelly returned to PR Plus as a partner. Using her experience in corporate marketing and in-house public relations, Kelly brought a different and fresh business angle to PR Plus.

The company now finds Herlovich and Kelly at the forefront of the business with three additional full-time publicists. Maintaining the boutique feeling of PR Plus remains a top business goal for Herlovich and Kelly as it allows both partners to work with the clients they are passionate about and to be involved in the day-to-day activities of each and every client. PR Plus continuously keeps an impressive client list of the most successful businesses and entertainers both locally and nationally.

Specializing in entertainment, dining, hospitality and high visibility clients, PR Plus also handles special events, community outreach, gaming and other related fields.

With multiple industry awards and recognitions between the two principals, the dynamic duo continues to use their mutual “rock ‘n roll” philosophies to ensure creative client campaigns, an enthusiastic team and a professional, positive relationship with the media.


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