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Platinum is an all-round PR firm which designs and implements PR strategies based on our clients' marketing and publicity strategies.
In the West from early on, PR has been seen with great importance as a way to raise the brand name and value of a firm; however this importance has been only recently recognized in Japan and has now become essential for implementing marketing strategies aimed at raising a firm's brand power and value.

PR as related to marketing strategy does not only include traditional public relations activities such as press releases, but also includes strategic planning and the implementation of various communications techniques to achieve goals such as raising the value of a firm and creating new movements.

Furthermore, with the spread of social networking services, there has been a vast increase in the targets of PR activities. In addition to the four big traditional media sources (television, newspapers, etc.), with online communication becoming increasingly important today, new communications techniques which use Facebook and other social networking sites are becoming increasingly recognized as legitimate forms of communication.

At Platinum, we focus on the next generation of marketing techniques to offer the cutting edge of communication services.


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