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Pacifico, Inc.
1190 Coleman Ave., #110 San Jose California United States 95110
Mary Pacifico Curtis (CEO) view profile

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We don’t claim to solve global problems and we don’t strut around the office in purple suits and leather pants. At least, most of us don’t. We do, however, promise to deliver great branding and strategic communications campaigns that get results.
We combine classic and unconventional styles in our approach to branding and strategic communications. Since our founding in 1977, we have navigated the ups and downs of volatile Silicon Valley, winning many awards for creative excellence. We are results driven and love to measure the impact of our campaigns.

We are known for our relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so it’s not a surprise that our business cards do not have titles - an indication of a flat organization where a strong and cohesive culture makes a stronger company.


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