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InQuest Marketing
9100 Ward Parkway Kansas Missouri United States 64114
816 994 0994
Brian Olson (Owner/President) view profile

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We are a team of marketing professionals that seek first to understand our clients’ goals, their customers and their competition – then drive measurable marketing solutions that get results.

We could bore you with information about the degrees we’ve earned, the shingles we’ve hung, the awards we’ve won, and all the typical fluff. Instead, what matters is that the leaders of our company are not only experts in what they do, but marketers at heart. We understand that whether it’s online or offline – what matters most is the bottom line.

Our mission can be summed up in three words: know your customer. Why? Your customers are your brand’s gatekeeper. Not your shareholders, advertising agency, marketing consultants, or even management... the owner of your brand is your customers. Knowing how they live, breathe and experience this brand on a daily basis is the secret to uncovering marketing and business growth opportunities.


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