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For many companies, your corporate and product brands are among their most valuable assets. Sometimes, though, due to competitive or market forces, or even benign neglect, your brand isn’t working for your company as hard as it should.

That’s where the brand strategists of DDCworks — and our proprietary Focused Branding™ process — come into play. 

We create and build new brands, strengthen old ones, redefine or refurbish well-known brands — all based on what our clients want their brand to mean in the minds of their most important customers. Our diagram shows four key phases to our strategic branding efforts—but, depending on your requirements, you can engage with us for whatever brand strategy or integrated marketing communications services you need.

Distinctive brands are driven by meaningful Insight, the first phase, an in-depth understanding of how your product or service connects with the needs and desires of your customers and prospects. Our Focused Branding process starts there—ideally based on solid target research—and leads to our unique approach to Brand Strategy, a series of strategic statements that clearly articulate your brand vision, promise, positioning and messages.

It’s the blueprint for all communications that follow, the essential tools to building brand identityand brand preference in the marketplace.

Brand Expressions, the second phase of our process, translates your essential brand message into compelling communications—a savvy, imaginative blend of creative, media, PR, and interactive ideas/efforts that result in a truly integrated marketing communications campaign.

Brand Experience, the third phase, is the process of working with your product and marketing teams to ensure that a customer’s interactions and engagement with your product and company delivers on the promises made by your brand communications.

Brand ROI, our phase four, analyzes the impact and costs of your brand communications program to provide management with an estimated return on its investment.


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