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Crossroads Communications
1740 Main Street Kansas Missouri United States 64108
816 679 8502
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Crossroads emerged in 2012 after a quarter century of experience operating as Barkley PR/Cause. A lot has changed since we entered the world of public relations.

Thanks to the digital revolution, the power of real-time publishing is in the hands of everyday consumers and brands.

Thanks to the explosion of channels and niches, it’s never been easier to find your target audience yet more challenging to make sure you reach them.

And thanks to these new avenues for information, organizations’ actions and inactions are in the open for all to see and spread. Companies are beginning to wake up to the fact we now all live in glass houses. The savviest of those companies don’t measure success with a stock price. They measure it with trust. And trust, as a commodity, is in short supply.

How recently have you thought about your brand’s reputation and how it impacts your business?

When was the last time you broke a promise?

We believe everything you communicate makes promises to consumers. Promises they expect you to keep. As a transparent, purpose-driven communication company, Crossroads exists to help brands keep those promises, discover their purpose and authentically communicate their story to build real relationships.

How? Through a strategic mix of influencer relations, cause marketing, internal relations and crisis management.



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