About company


Cone Communications is a public relations and marketing agency.  We are national leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility and cause marketing, and have over three decades of experience in brand communications.  Our subject matter experts actively collaborate across functions to bring the best and most informed thinking to every client.

We are intense, spirited and committed. Our enthusiasm and drive are infectious and inspire our dedication to each other, our work and our clients.

We are trustworthy and our sense of ethics, honesty and responsibility guide our decisions. We make commitments and we honor them.

We respect and challenge each other in everything we do. The fusion of our collaborative work style and collective experiences results in greater success for all.

Intellectual Curiosity
We are inquisitive and investigative. Our quest for knowledge, new experiences and self-improvement leads us to be creative and innovative.

Commitment to Excellence
We do our best. We set the highest standards for our performance and take pride in delivering exceptional work.


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