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The adage goes that you can spend a dollar and half will go to attracting new customers...you just don't know which half.

Traditional methods of communication, advertising, and marketing are nearly impossible to measure. But, with the advent of technology, measuring your brand awareness, in non-traditional ways, is becoming much easier to show a return-on-investment.

But it's no longer just about brand awareness. You suddenly are able to engage, one-on-one, with your customers. Engagement equals loyalty. And loyalty equals spend.

Presenting...the alternative to your traditional marketing efforts.

  • Develop integrated offline and online marketing plans
  • Monitor online conversations
  • Develop online audits
  • Discover where your customers are participating online
  • Audit and analyze search engine optimization and search engine marketing opportunities
  • Build a community in order to engage one-on-one
  • Manage your community
  • Develop a blogger outreach program
  • Identify influencers, not just the A-listers, but those who have high influence in your industry
  • Build a content strategy
  • Develop and promote value-added content
  • Create word-of-mouth campaigns
  • Build online contests and campaigns
  • Develop videos and podcasts
  • Support mobile technology 
  • Cultivate warm leads
  • Convert warm leads to sales
  • Work with web analytics and test campaigns
  • Audit email effectiveness
  • Initiate email campaigns that drive community and leads
  • Create social anthropology
  • Measure, measure, measure
  • React to trends that affect your business
  • Develop social media crisis plans
  • Rinse and repeat


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